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WirtschaftsWoche Ranking: Top Results for the CIIS

In the current WirtschaftsWoche ranking, not only the University of Cologne but also the professors of the Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) achieve top results.

For the ranking, published research achievements of professors in the field of information systems in recognized journals are evaluated. The Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) stands out with two top rankings in the most research-oriented business economists under the age of 40. Jan Recker leads the ranking of the “Young Wilds” in 1st place. Christoph Rosenkranz follows in 4th place.

In his research, Jan Recker deals with questions concerning the development and use of new digital technologies and the resulting new digital and sustainable forms of business start-ups. Christoph Rosenkranz’s research focuses on theoretical and practical questions relating to the design, development, management and application of integrated information systems.

In addition to the two top rankings in the ranking of business economists under 40, several representatives of the CIIS made it into the list of the top 250 business economists: Jan Recker (place 24), Christoph Rosenkranz (place 73), Dirk Basten as a former member of the CIIS (place 98) and Detlef Schoder (place 133).

The CIIS contributes with its research achievements in the field of information systems to the top results of the University of Cologne, which is ranked 4th in the German-speaking area. In Germany, the university is in 2nd place just behind the TU Munich.